Friday, April 8, 2011

eLearning Activity 3, Emotional Case, Mohd Imran Khan S/O M I

    I feel that loneliness effects a lot of people. There are difference between feeling lonely and being alone. A lot of people feel that they are alone but they did not realise that there are many people with them. 

    Being lonely is when you do not have anyone with you. People who do not have anyone with them need to be tough, as they may get bullied. Some people start getting bullied because they do not have anyone to help defend them and they are not tough enough. When a person has no friends and is bullied all the time, then the person can find it very upsetting. They will feel like giving up in life and get depressed. When they are depressed, they start to fall sick or injure themselves, which starts to indirectly kills them inside out. 

    However, If the person is too tough, he may end up being the bully. He will become violent at small things and get angry over small things. He may end up bullying the people near him and make him more anti social. Then he may get in trouble. This does not usually happen in most cases.

    Life is a chain reaction. When you Start something, there is always an end result. Like loneliness leads to bullying. Bullying leads to depression and depression may result to someone getting hurt


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  2. The body paragraph of this article is not elaborative enough. Very little topics in the body paragraph.There is only one main topic, which the author tries to lengthen his body by elaborating this particular topic. Despite these negative factors, there are quite a few positive ones. There is a simple thesis and conclusion. Improvements can be made though, such as adding more relevant topics, elaborating on them and give more details to the thesis and the conclusion.