Sunday, March 27, 2011

eLearning Activity 3,Emotional Case,Ong Bing Jue

I think that feeling depressed,loneliness,heartbreaks and being different from others are just part of our life.Everyone will feel like this at different points of their life.These depression,loneliness help give us the power to learn,and how to adopt and cope with different situations.You learn form them,these are just hardships that help make you a better or stronger person in the future.

Its okay to be different from our peers,since everyone is different.Everyone is special in their own ways,they have their own special unique weaknesses and strengths that make them special and be themselves.

Putting up a front is useless.True friends never cared about our appearances.They just like who we are.Thus it is useless and there is no point i putting it front,it will only make you more difficult and tired.

When feeling depressed,lonely,heartbreak,we should actually calm ourselves down,with a  peaceful mind to actually think and concentrate on other things,studies.We should stop worrying about it and ask or talk to a trusted adult,or your friends to actually share your pain with you.


  1. Structure: intro, body, conclusion
    The passage has a structure, but the structure is a little unclear. The introduction and body can be identified but the ending is a little abrupt.

    Thesis statement, topic sentence/s
    The is no thesis and topic sentences in the passage.

    Share thoughts and feelings about the issues
    Lots of thoughts and feelings were well explained and brought to the reader. It expressed out a lot of personal feelings :)

    Dealt with/would deal with the issues
    Good methods to deal with the problem. However, examples can help support the answer.

    GIve reasons why you chose the methods
    The passage might need examples to support the methods to solve the problem.

    Reasons sound?
    NA (The is no reasons to the methods)

    Any and sufficient examples?
    NA ( There are not much examples)

  2. Problem, according to conventional ways of thinking, are obstacles to a goal. We learn to live with the unsolved ones which grow into the crises which dominate our lives. Creative thinking reverses this order and alters our perception of a difficult situation.A problem is a challenge and then it will become an opportunity in the future.