Saturday, March 26, 2011

eLearning Activity 3, Emotional Case, Clarabelle Ang

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

I think that being depressed, being lonely, having heartbreaks, feeling different from my peers, having to put up a front all starts from oneself. Having depression shows that one is affected by something negative and is very concerned about it. If it's not true why believe it? Loneliness starts when one lives in the shadows of the past and does not move on. He/she may think that the past is better but he/she will never know whether the future will be good or not.

If one thinks positively, confide and not bottle up feelings, he/she would feel much better. One will tend to feel negative when a certain group of people detest you, comment negative things about you. But that does not mean that it is true. One should convince him/herself that everyone is imperfect in one way or another. Facing reality is a good way to start off since creating an false illusion for yourself will hurt you even more in the end.

I think that we should just accept facts, in a positive way. Though it might be cruel and hard at times, it is the least painful and healthiest way. Praise yourself in one way or another. At the end of the day, It's what on the inside that counts. True friends stick by you through thick or thin.

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  1. Structure: Have Introduction. Body: Not Structured. Conclusion: Not clear.
    Thesis Statement/Topic Sentence: Have.
    Share Thoughts and Feelings: Have.
    How to deal with issues: Yes.
    Give Reasons why: Yes.
    Sufficient Examples: Not enough.