Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Activity 3, Emotional Case, Michelle Lim.

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

I would try hard to make my life better, even though it is not as good. I would get over it, as what’s over is over, and it’ll never come back again. I try to be more confident as others are others , and me, is me. No one lives my life for me, and no one lives a live for them, thus, no matter what happens, I still have to live on and try to solve the problem.

1 comment:

  1. Structure: No intro about the topic. There is a good conclusion.

    Thesis statement: There is no topic sentence in the answer.

    Thoughts and feelings: Yes,there are a lot of thoughts and feelings from her.

    Dealing with the issues: It is very clear how she is going to deal with it.

    Reasons: Yes quite good but hard to use it as we need to see how strong the person's mind is to overcome it.

    Any and sufficient examples: Quite okay.