Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Activity 3, Emotional Case, Kang Yan

I think that being depressed, lonely, heartbroken, different and having to put up a front are part and parcels of a teenage life. Everyone will eventually go one at least one of these problems at least once.
When undergoing changes to become an adult, a teenage’s thoughts and reactions will be different. The change of looks might might affect one’s daily life and feelings. However, this is completely natural. Other reasons for having these problems include starting to have crushes on others, facing some family problems, peer pressure etc.
Having these feelings might result in minor and major effects. Depression might lead to sudden outburst and breakdowns. They might try to be brave in front of people, not wanting others to know how they feel. Occasionally, they might throw tantrums on their loved ones. However, in some serious cases, teenagers might even go on rampages. When facing a serious case of depression, loneliness etc, I think that it is very important that someone knows about the situation and help them out of the dilemma they have gotten themselves in.
In my opinion, when one have gotten themselves in one of the situations, the best way to solve it is to sit down and express oneself to a person he/she trust and know that is willing to lend a helping hand. Sometimes, receiving help from other people is the best way to solve some problems. We should not feel embarrassed or afraid to ask for help, thinking that people might laugh at us. Penning down all the thought one have in their mind might also help by relieving how they are feeling. We can also distract ourselves so that we will “forget” on what had happened and bring about a smile.
I think that not only teenagers experience depression, loneliness and heartbreaks, working adults sometimes faces them at times. The only thing that matters is how one tackle these feelings and “recover” from it. We must make sure that these feelings will not get out of control, affecting our daily life and activities.

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  1. 1)
    Yes,the essay has a structure,and its organized.There is a clear relationship and link between each of the paragraphs,linkage between them,making it easy to understand.

    There is a introduction,and the body about the opinions and thoughts about the question.Lastly,she also added a solution to how we should solve the problem,and conclusion and her ending statement and reflection about the subject.

    I share the same thought about the issue,about what she is thinking.

    I share the same feelings about the issue,about what she is feeling.

    Thoughts and Feelings are all well supported with reasoning and explanation,understandable.

    Yar,but the statement or thesis statement is not very obvious,they were hidden in each of the paragraphs and are quite to find.

    5 and 6)

    Yar,a "solution" is gave to each of the problems.It would have been better if there were solution to each of the ideas or statement,it would make it more organized.

    Yes,they were well supported with each of the idea about the paragraphs.Proper lin and relationship which shows the relationship between each of the idea.

    No,examples were not given.But they should be,to help the reader understand more about your idea.