Sunday, March 27, 2011

eLearning Activity 3, Emotional Case, Yeo Jun Peng

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

Depression: Depressed can be caused by many things such as, jealousy, disappointment, regrets, failures etc. I think depression at times can be very hard to handle, even for me at times when i could not handle the situation properly, i would get out of control and does things that would cause pain to others and myself emotionally or physically. When i am depressed, i feel very hopeless, feel as if like the whole world is going against you, like i am fighting a lone emotional battle. I would find someone that i trusts a lot a lot and would then speak my mind, talk to them about my problems causing depression and once i let it all out, i feel much much more better than before, of course there will be some pain left after talking my heart out but as time passes these pain would just fade away. Facing times when it is too hard for me to talk to anyone about it, i would do vigorous exercises to calm myself done, the exercises acts as a pain/stress relieving thing to do for me and it makes me feel good after doing so.

Loneliness: A rare feeling for me. I feel loneliness when i am alone, with no one to talk, no communication tools, not able to socialize etc. I feel that i am blocked out from the rest of the wall, isolated from them, feel that it was unfair that i am not able to communicate with them. When i get lonely, i would probably get bored and when i am bored, i would go to sleep which is one of the fastest time passing thing to do till i get hold of a communication tool again or has someone to talk to again.

Heartbreaks: I personally have not experienced or gone through heartbreaks, however i expects it to be a very painful and hard process. I probably would feel as if there is no tomorrow for the first few days, weeks, months or even years, i am pretty sure that i will take a fairly long time to get over. However, there would definitely have a point where i would buck up once again and move on with life, forgetting the past..

Being different from others: I think that the most obvious difference between me and others are my height. I always feel kinda out, different, odd when i am hanging out with people who are shorter than me by a lot or a little as i feel that i am the older in the group which is sometimes not true. Because of my height, i have been mistook by others for being secondary 4, JC and even NS before in my life, i once felt that being tall was a horrible thing. Soon, i got over it and started loving my height. People would laugh if i tell them i was mistaken to be older than my age. When other laugh, it makes me laugh. So whenever i feel that i am different in someways from other, i would try to think of the positive things about the difference i had. For example, when people says something about me is weird, i would think the weird thing as a special and unique one.

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  1. Structure: No overall introduction. No conclusion
    Thesis statement/Topic sentence: Yes for some.
    Share thoughts and feelings about issues: Yes.
    How to deal with issue: Yes.
    Give reasons why you chose this method: Yes, for some.
    Sufficient examples: Yes.