Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Activity 3, Emotional Case, Ren Chang


I feel that this issues are inevitable during our teenage years. We would experience drastic changes during our teenage years, which might result in these emotional issues. These are part and parcel of teenage years especially when things suddenly change around us, such as a relationship that is not working out, having a serious injury, pressure of schoolwork or bullying.

When solving these kind of problems, I think sitting down to talk to someone and thinking about it would be one of the best way. When you talk to someone and let out your feeling, he would know that someone knows about your problems and that will make you feel better. When you sit down to think about what has been going on, he or she might realise that these problems can be solved. For me, I would mostly realise that the problem is not as bad as it seems, I would try to solve it, then I would move on.


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  2. There is a intro. Body and conclusion is very short. The thesis statement is present. Thoughts are present. He did mention on his method of dealing with issues. He did give his reason for choosing such methods but I don't think it will work out for everyone. Examples are present but not very clear.