Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Question - Emotional Basket Case (Eunice Loo, 04)

I have always been a fan of Chicken Soup for the Soul - I read it almost everyday when I was younger. So now when I found out that we are going to read a book from the series for English, I couldn’t be happier.

I dived into the book immediately, and answered all the Extensive Questions given in a jiffy. After reading the first chapter, this is what my opinion on the themes covered in this chapter:

First, the topic of depression was introduced. In my opinion, I feel that everyone will feel depressed sometime in their life, sooner or later. However, it is our choice to stay in that depressed, moody sad state, or to move on and continue living life as it should. If I am depressed, I would naturally feel less enthusiastic about things, and feel that everything that is going to happen next will be bleak. It’s normal for all of us to feel like this for a short period of time, we should ‘bounce back’ after a while. For me, I will eat some comfort food (chocolate makes me happy) and participate in some activities that I find enjoyable, such as board games for example. I would feel better after that, and I would not be so depressed anymore.

After that, the book mentioned about being lonely. I feel that loneliness is usually a perspective rather than a fact, because there might be throngs of people and you can still feel lonely. I think that loneliness is self-inflicted, because there are so many people around you and that you can make a friend easily with one of them, if you choose to. I make a lot of friends, so I seldom feel lonely, even when I am the only person at home, as I can use the Internet to chat with my friends whenever I want. Speaking of which, the Internet really broadens the number of people we can interact with, as we do not have to meet personally anymore.

Heartbreaks, however, are not normal (or at least not right), especially for young teenagers like us. This period of time is especially crucial for us academically, and I believe that we should be focused in our studies, instead of being distracted by infatuation. To me, getting into a relationship at such a young age is rather detestable, and that if you really want to get into a relationship, you should be prepared for heartbreak.

Being different is part and parcel of life. None of us are the same, all of us are different, we are all ‘weird’ in different ways. However, feeling inferior to a certain extent can actually benefit us, as we will aim to do better, be better next time. Soon you will feel satisfied with yourself, and you do not need to put up a front for others.

All in all, the first chapter was quite an interesting read for me, and that I would love to read on to the next chapters.


  1. Hello Eunice,
    Heard from a teacher that you wanted to know if you could post your blog today. I'd actually would have preferred it if you posted it systematically according to the days you are having English so that I can track the uploads by date.

    Answer to your other question: There are also no groupings for this term's English classes with me.

    Ms Ng

  2. There is a structure in the passage though the intro is slightly redundant. Topic sentences are present and shared thoughts and feelings 'bout the issues and the topic itself. There is also a sharing of how she would deal with the issues, which are very feasible. The reasons are sound, but there are no examples from the society.