Monday, March 21, 2011

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What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

Depression, loneliness, heartbreaks can all be avoided. The main cause of all these problems basically originate from one point, which is refusal to meet reality and denial of truth. Depression is a symptom where it can change how a person looks at the things around him or her, and how he or she reacts to certain things that may seem trivial. Depression is often caused when he or she is tormented, looked down on by their peers. This will not cause depression. The next paragraph is going to explain how depression is caused from this.

Although they know the truth that people keeps looking down on her, she does not make an effort to tell anyone, and thus she has to keep the tormentation in her heart and never let it escape. The reasons? The victim does not want people to further look down on her as to some people, telling somebody about your personal problems may be or may seem awkward enough. Then all of a sudden, all of their problems are gone. But in exchange for the ‘freedom’, they go into depression. They finally get to realise and accept that they are being looked down on, but it is too late. There are basically two phrases for a person to accept the truth. The first is when the torturing starts and he or she decides not to escape from the truth, and starts consulting somebody about the problem. However, the second, is when a person goes into depression and finally realises it. But since the brain and mind is tuned to depression mode, the sub conscious cannot do anything about it, leading to a point where you may cut yourself or hurt yourself.

Same for loneliness. Loneliness is defined as sad because one has no friends or company. There are two main factors leading to this. The first. The victim does not make an effort to socialize with his or her peers even though his or her peers made an effort to get her more involved, for example asking her to come to the movies with them or get one to play sports with them etc. The second is when a person is dumped or purely ignored by his or her peers, which makes one feel bad. He or she has no company, no one to play with. The consequences are pretty straight forward. But the question is how in the world does a person get loneliness? Remember that loneliness is different from boredom. Refusal of truth is at fault once again. For the first, it is not that evident. Her friends wants to get her in, but she wants out. Thus, she has no company and retreat to her inner self, and feel sad as she has no company. What she does not realize is that her friends accept her, but she does not accept them. For the second case, it is quite the opposite. One is willing to make friends with a group of people, but the group of people think that ‘it is not a great idea’, so they started ignoring the victim. Knowing the fact that he or she is being rejected by this group of people, his or her mind subconscious thinks that it will be the same for the rest of the people in the school or workplace. So once again, she retreats to herself and thus, is being dragged in by loneliness. How is this related to ‘refusal of fact?’ For the first, the victim cannot seem to accept the fact that people just want her company, and for the second, the victim cannot accept the fact that people still want him or her company due to her previous bad experience, like developing a phobia.

Heartbreaks. It will take something special for a person to feel happy about losing someone he or she truly loves. Kind of amusing. This type of people are the type where ‘they see a pretty woman and want to get her back to her house to have ***’. When people are in a relationship, they tend to think about their future. Only problem is, they think too far, and when a certain avalanche clashed onto their paths and caused them to go separate ways, they will be too impacted by the great times they plan for the future, causing them to breakdown and in love terms, is called heartbreaks. Heartbreaks can lead to loneliness and depression. Loneliness can be caused by heartbreaks because the victim may not accept the fact that not all boys are like that, so the victim decides to avoid all contact with any opposite gender as the victim is scared that the same bad thing will happen again. That is also the main reason why young people should not stead young as one may not be able to accept the impact and devastation, and it will be quite a problem when they advance towards their future. Depression is also caused as he or she may feel sad. Since heartbreaks equals to depression and loneliness, and refusal of fact is common between the latter(s), what’s the bottom line? Heartbreaks are also caused by refusal to accept the truth. A person may not be able to accept the fact that the person they love has gone away, and may retreat towards themselves. So to sum the paragraph up, I would use a phrase. If you truly love it let it go. If it returns it’s forever yours. If it doesn’t, it was never meant to be.

It is hard to accept the fact that you are different from your peers. And due to the difference, be it physical or what, they may look down on you, causing you to be sad, and the next thing you know, you are in depression. LOL. If it was me, I will learn to accept the fact cause that’s the only way to break out of your emotional confinement. I will then try to learn what’s wrong with me, start improving on myself. I may even make up a brave front and ask the people why they hate me. After they tell me the reasons, I may socialize with them so that they would learn to accept me. And when their friends confront them on why are they being with a weirdo, they may just tell their friends that I am okay, no harm, kind soul, golden heart.

Putting up a front can be easy and safe. Like what Kenny Rogers said in his song ‘The Gambler’, If you want to play the game (boy), you gotta learn to play it right. Putting up a front can be caused by many reasons, perhaps helping your friends from being bullied, or stay firm with a no when your ‘friends’ offer you a cigar. Of course, you must know when to interrupt. It will be kinda’of smart of a guy to say stop bullying my friend when the bullies are landing blows on your friend. Whoops a daisy, next thing you know, you are on a ‘taxi’. Why? Hospital bed. Fare is increasing every second. Why not report it to the teachers? Why do you want to take on them by yourself. As the saying goes, Save yourself before saving others. If you fail to save yourself, how are you going to save others?

Lhu Wen Kai

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