Friday, March 25, 2011

e-Learning,Activity 3_Emotional Cases_Soe Yan Naung aka Norman(19)

What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

These are issues i know a lot has to face. They are created by yourself mostly and these issues can actually good for you. These are also parts of life and being a human. Like everybody is different, everybody also react differently to things, even twins have some differences. When anyone became a teenager, their way of life actually changes and mature and this gap between being a kid and adult can be very confusing. The way we think suddenly changes and all these emotions will come flowing in, our tastes of things changed, our interests increase and we may tend to be more interested to do new things and show independence either to impress ourselves or others.

Depression, loneliness and heartbreaks can be very painful for us to live through but when we come out of this we turn into new persons either for the good or bad but this is mostly because of the ways we find to solve this problems. If you turn to someone you trust, you may feel better and stronger afterwards but if you start taking drugs or go out with the wrong persons you may feel good for a while but will only have the problem return again and arriving with others this time.

Being different and having to put up a front is a strange case, some may not mind it but some find it the worst available torture for them. Some people are proud of their difference from the others and are usually people who have a good self esteem and likes to stand out, they usually don't care what people think about them which can either be good or bad. Some find it difficult to live through, feeling as though he is alone even though the person is surrounded by many people. Some will put up a front and try to live a different life, wearing a mask which does not show their true selves but a different one instead. Some may need to do this in order to make someone happy like their bosses because it is necessary but some use this to get attention and be in company of other as they thirst for it like water. They do not want to be different but the same with other people because they either love them, want to be close to them or thirst their company. In the end, most will have to remove this mask and the person wearing it would shatter again and be in a worst state, some would of course continue to wear a new mask as it had worked before but in the end the results will be the same. The mask will always be removed and you will be found out mostly because of the way we are made and because when we get closer we tend to also know each other more and this can remove your mask and sometime the person won't mind but other times the person may feel you have been hiding something from him or her and try to punish you in some way that would not usually mean harm to you but will be devastating to your emotions. But in the end we must know that all of us are different and be proud of it and if you want to know a similarity we all share, it is the blood that flows in our veins which is red for everyone. So, we must remember that we are all different and that the difference is what makes us unique and special from others. It is just the way you think and one should show his true self and emotions if they want to feel free and strong.

Life is very special and unique for all of us and we should look at tomorrow with a smile instead of a frown. In the end, all these issues need is actually as simple as a smile.

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  1. Good thesis statement. Good analogy and heavy emphasis between how your mask changes as you mature. However, you simply touch on the key words in the question which is depression, loneliness and heartbreaks.