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01- Extensive Reading elearning Blog Post Aaron Sng S2-08 (18)

    What are your thoughts and feelings about being depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues.

   Sincerely speaking with all my heart, loneliness, depression and heartbreaks are simply just part and parcel of our daily life. It just depends on the way you view it. Some people would take it lightly, and some would just take it to heart. Before going on and telling you of how do I deal with such issues, let me first elaborate these complicated terms. 
   This word is what most teens would like to avoid to use. Loneliness. Why? It shows that one have no friends or not a lot of friends. Let admit to it. I have experienced loneliness myself. I still could remember that in primary school, nobody liked me and that’s because of my size. Whenever they see me, they would just start to curse and swear. I thought the whole world was going upside down. I was alone. That’s why I was feeling that way. Let’s explore how does loneliness affect teens. Put yourself in one scenario, you have no one to talk to, and you are alone. The first feeling that comes to your mind is boredom. What would people normally do, is to further thing about it. They would think: Why are my friends avoiding me? What’s their purpose behind whatever their doing? In the Western world, where self-esteem is the most important, whenever children there are feeling loneliness, they would take it to heart and really react in ways you couldn’t imagine. In the book chapter 1 “silent scream”, it simulated a girl screaming inside her own heart, showing the desperation to be heard, but is unfortunately is not heard at all. What would most people would do is to go on the net, and go to social networking sites. These sites make's you socialise easily, but the problem is that it traps people on that site, disallowing to mix around more easily on the real world. Let me go on to my next point.
    Depression. How does this word come’s about? It come’s from this Latin word “deprimere” which literally means to be press down. Just imagine yourself, press down by mattresses, and there is hardly any air. Your natural instinct is to get out. Depression to me is similar to what this Latin word has to say. When you are in depression, all you want to do is to “get out”. Thus, we always need to have a smart solution to get out. Besides me defining what is depression, let me tell you the key factors that would affect depression. First, depression is affected by your lifestyle. If I were to compare two people, one a student who gave an easy-go-lucky lifestyle and a working man who have an hectic lifestyle. The working man would be more prone to depression. The mounting workload would just soar, and the deadline would just shorten. Moreover, he would immediately get depressed and show an eagerness to complete what he was tasked to do. The second is the person’s values of life. Let me elaborate further. If I were to compare a person who have an optimistic value of life, and a person who have a pessimistic value of life, the person who have an optimistic value of life, the person who have an optimistic value of life would be less likely prone to depression and vice versa.
    Now, let me elaborate on the third and final point - heartbreaks. It is a combination of 2 words. Heart - break. Heart means the central or innermost part of something. In this context, love or compassion. Break means separate into pieces after a blow or a shock. Well, heartbreaks are complicated. To understand them, you would need to take up the jigsaw pieces and piece them back, piece after piece. In teens, heartbreaks would be smaller jigsaw pieces, harder to piece them up together. It normally occurs between couples. When a sudden shock or blow, break them apart.
    After reading all of these, you would probably understand why it is part and parcel of our daily life. It is the emotional roller coaster that’s why we experience all these; when everything seems all right, it just drops unknowingly. Thus, it’s important for us to know how to deal with all these problems. Let’s get to the heart of all these problems and remove it once and for all. To me, depression is just like many mattresses pressed down against you, thus, we need to escape or cut through these mattresses. What I would do is to cut through these mattresses. It’s best to get rid of these problems once and for all. For loneliness, it’s a time for change. Don’t bother about changing your looks, what people normally look for is attitude. For heartbreaks, be optimistic, don’t keep yourself confined to one small space and keep thinking about the heartbreak, get out! Get out and explore the world right in front of you.
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  1. There is a good structure for the passage which is easy to follow and understand. There seems to be a thesis statement for every paragraph which splits the passage but your thoughts are flowed into them. Examples are given also to get a better understanding but they all seem to be more of your opinion and it is good that you give out your thoughts. This is a well done essay that touches all the subjects but please be careful with your use of English as it can get confusing to read sometimes.