Thursday, January 27, 2011

Newspaper Report

Fatal Accident on the CTE

Wee Ren Chang, Journalist

Two drivers died in an accident involving 2 cars. This occured during peak hours in the evening at the CBD area.

Tan Kin Hock, 56 and Kasper Lim, 24, were involved in this accident. Mr Tan was a sales manager of a clothes shop while Mr Lim is a promoter of a perfume shop. After a day of work, they were traveling on the CTE, heading in the direction of Ang Mo Kio.

Mr Tan was driving his car on the expressway when Mr Lim crashed into his car without warning. Mr Lim had recently completed his driving test, and his driving instructor, Mr James Lee, said that Mr Lim had barely passed his test. He was quite unstable and not confident with driving.

Due to Mr Lim’s careless driving, he crashed rather hard on Mr Tan. Mr Tan then banged onto road barriers. Both of them were not wearing seat belts, so they crashed out of the front screens of their car.

Paramedics were called to the scene. Mr Tan sustained serious head injuries while Mr Lim fractured his leg and lost massive amounts of blood. Despite efforts, both drivers were pronounced dead 15 minutes after paramedics arrived.

An eyewitness, Mrs Li Ah Lian, was in a taxi and saw the accident occuring. She recounted: “The behind car, it was very...unsteady. The driver looked quite young lah. Looked like he just passed his driving test like that. But the other driver, he was quite confident. I think the younger driver could have practiced more, if not he wouldn’t have caused this accident.”

This accident caused a jam at CTE as drivers slowed down to scrutinize the grisly accident. Police removed both casualties and their cars from the scene in an hour.10 minutes later, the remains were cleared and traffic returned back to normal 1 and a half hours later.

This accident could be caused by reckless driving. However, the death of Mr Tan and Mr Lim were also caused by them not wearing seatbelts. Let this serve as a warning to us to wear our seatbelts when we drive, so that injuries will be minimised.

Both of their wives are grieved by this incident. Mrs Lim offered a compensation to Mrs Tan for his death, but was rejected. “After all,” Mrs Tan said, “her husband also died and I should not accept any compensation from her.”

Both funerals would be held at the same venue.

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