Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silent Hill, Too silent for cries?

By Line: Ng Kok yin

Rumors says that Silent Hill, A Famous Hospital for a reason unlike others, as it is known to be haunted. People visiting the hospital are not in need of medical help, but instead to look at the 'haunted' places of the hospital. Our Team went down to investigate about the matter. Miss Brenda, Head of Staff and Department, said " In order to prove that this Hospital is not haunted, We will allow a limited amount of reporters to place cameras and stay overnight in the different places of the hospital. It is to prove that our hospital is safe and secure."
We also interviewed a patient, whose name is not to be revealed, claimed that she was surprised at the rumors of the hospital. She has been in the hospital for around two years as she has been diagnose with Cancer. She has not noticed any paranormal activity.
Our team will be staying overnight on Sunday, So look forward to the Monday's Paper.

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