Thursday, January 27, 2011

Newspaper script - Seah Jit Sheng

Boat emerges from the Bermuda Triangle after vanishing for a week.
By : Seah Jit Sheng

What happens inside the Bermuda Triangle has been a mystery up until now. A brave man named Dapei Lim ventured into the unknown depths of the Bermuda Triangle, he has been proclaimed missing after his family reporting him not coming back after 3 days. The authorities are only dispatching rescue crew around the borders of the Triangle as they were not taking any chances. The boat,atlantis sail, entered the Bermuda Triangle on 15/2/2012 he re-emerged from the foggy Bermuda Triangle one week later. he described the area as "illogical" there were lots of twisters, whirlpools and cyclones on the water. He was caught in a whirlpool and when he awoke, he was lying on a beach. Everything around him was little, even people! The people there told him about the area, having many different lands, he was lucky to land on this shore instead of the jurassic island or land of the giants. The people there were not as kind as then ones in the land of the miniature. The locals there helped rebuilt his ship. Once it was fixed, he set sail and went into another whirlpool. Luckily, he landed outside the Bermuda Triangle instead of the other islands, thats where the rescue team found him.

So is the Bermuda Triangle still a mystery? I guess not.

Seah Jit Sheng,
Signing off

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