Thursday, January 27, 2011

Newspaper Report Script- JP

Shine Diamond $22.11 million Diamond Heist Is Singapore First Ever Successful Robbery

The policeman in charge, Mr Armstrong says that this was a well plan thought out crime. The robbery took place at the City Hall, Shine Diamond, one of the biggest outlets in Singapore. Two men in black suits, concealing handguns, who escaped with 22 rings, 11 bracelets, 20 necklaces and 10 watches from the down town store.
On 22nd November 2010, at around 2211 near to closing time, the two men walked into Shine Diamond with handguns in their pockets. After walking around the store for a while, they produced their pistols and threatened staffs at Shine Diamond’s with their handguns and seized a woman employee as a hostage. They selected a total of 63 items and placed them into a bag before briefly seizing the staffs, Mei You Heng and Bo Heng. They then fired warning shots as they made a getaway in a series of cars then to a helicopter. According to Mr Armstrong, these two robbers are highly skilled and are professionals, they managed to avoid the cctv even without the help of a disguise and executed the robbery perfectly. This is Singapore's first ever successful robbery in crime history. News with Yeo Jun Peng, 2211 action news.

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