Thursday, January 27, 2011

News Report

Headlines News : 2 Drivers killed in fatal accident

2 drivers were involved in a car accident that took place outside of ABC school. both of them were killed in this fatal accident.

On jan 11 2011, 6.57 pm driver of the van that belongs to the CHAI food company crashed into another van that belongs to SENG Beverages company. This caused 2 people dying in this fatal accident.

Eye witnesses claims that the van of SENG beverages company skidded and banged on to the van of CHAI food company, this caused a heavy jam along the road where the accident took place. Most people driving along this road were delayed and had to be late for work, school or even their appointment

Only the drivers were involved, but unfortunately their lives were taken. Family members of the two drivers were grieved when they heard the news. They were given compensation from the drivers company. Family members of Mr Sng, driver of CHAI food company were not satisfied with just compensation and decided to sue the company and the driver, Mr Goh, of SENG beverages company.The court case is still being decided.

Boss of SENG beverages company says,' This accident was caused due to the slippery floor, nobody wanted it to happen, nobody was to be blamed for this mishap.' After further investigation, it was revealed that Mr Goh was under drug influence. This caused the reckless driving allowing the accident to happen.

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