Thursday, January 27, 2011

News report

Atlantis Airlines plane inches from destruction after emergency landing.
By: Daniel Pei

An Atlantis Airlines airplane on route to Melbourne from Budapest was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore Changi Airport at 3.00am local time. The newly purchased Airvan A390 experienced engine problems followed shortly by all four of it's engines bursting into flames. The two pilots flying the plane could not figure out the cause of the problem and made an emergency landing at Changi Airport. As it was landing, one of the landing gears was jammed and the plane made a rough landing on the runway, skidding out of control. Fortunately, the plane slowed down and came to a halt just inches from the airport building. Passengers were safely evacuated and the cause of the incident is being investigating by officials from Atlantis Airlines and Airvan.

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