Thursday, January 27, 2011

News report - Script

Severe car accident, 2 deaths cost.
By Michelle
SINGAPORE - On January 19, 2011, along the PIE expressway, 2 speeding cars collided into each other, causing a severe traffic jam and the 2 drivers’ death.

On January 19, 2011, during the morning, 7am, 2 drivers, namely Tan Ah Gao, Ang Ku Kueh’s car collided with each other. Police investigation shows that in the nearest speed camera, it shows that both cars were speeding through the expressway.

Witnesses’ testimonials said that apparently, Mr Tan Ah Gao’s car was speeding while changing lanes, while Mr Ang Ku Kueh’s car was slowing down. Therefore, there was a collision between both cars, causing a fatal accident.

Mr Tan Ah Gao, 41, was on his way to his office located at City Hall when the accident occurred. Mr Ang Ku Kueh, 45, was on his way home when the accident occurred as he had done night shift for the whole night.

Police also thinks that there is a possibility that because Mr Ang Ku Kueh was tired, he did not notice he was going to collide into Mr Tan Ah Gao’s car.

A funeral for both Mr Ang Ku Kueh and Mr Tan Ah Gao will be held by their family members at their houses , Ang Mo Kio, Sembawang respectively.

While the funeral goes on, Mr Tan Ah Gao's family members is going to sue Mr Ang Ku Kueh's family member because of what Mr Ang Ku Kueh.

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