Thursday, January 27, 2011

News report Script-Kristin

Car Accident that resulted in the death of two drivers

An accident on Monday morning involving 2 cars and 1 lorry causing 2 death and 1 injury on the Pan Island Expressway(PIE).The 2 drivers from the cars were dead due to the strong impact from the lorry and the lorry driver was injured.

The three vehicle involved had been traveling towards Jurong around 7am.At around 7.15am, the accident happened.

The cars crashed due to the sudden stop of the lorry which was transferring cement to the Jurong Island. When the accident happened, 3 lanes of the PIE was blocked,causing a big jam at PIE.Drivers complaint about the accident that had happened.

Drivers who saw the accident were shocked as the cars on the expressway was already driving so slow and yet an accident still happened.One said," The accident happened so suddenly that almost all the cars on the expressway to be involved."Police found out that the driver of the lorry was drunk causing this accident to happen.From this accident,the Police are trying to convey this message: Don't drink to drive.

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