Thursday, January 27, 2011

news report by Celine

A dolphin has saved 2 swimmers at East Coast after they had been washed out to deep waters by the strong current as it nudged them towards land.

Swimmers John Tan and Bob Low were swimming in shallow water off East Coast Park when a strong undersea current washed them out to deeper waters. Bob had suffered cramps and John was trying to get Bob to land, but the currents were too strong and kept pushing them back.

The two men could only cry for help for neither were very good swimmers and both were getting exhausted. A dolphin, believed to be a pink dolphin had pushed them gently back towards land, when it was shallow enough for the men to go safely back to their worried families. ‘I owe my life to that dolphin,’ Bob had said.

Once back on shore, Bob was later taken away to a hospital for treatment. ‘Thank goodness the dolphin heard us...literally,’ John said, a towel quickly wrapped around him by his wife. ‘I thought I might just be unable to save him(Bob). The currents kept trying to push us further and further away and I was getting tired of fighting against the waves.’

It is believed that the dolphin who saved Bob and John was a pink dolphin that is commonly found around Singapore. It is very familiar with humans that swim off the coast and is very friendly towards them.

The dolphin has been hailed as a hero by Bob’s and John’s families. If you go down to East Coast Park, you may just see the tail of this dolphin that saved people’s lives.

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