Friday, January 28, 2011

News-article Script

Strange Incident_ Patient refuses to be hospitalized at Silent Hill

by Soe Yan Naung @ Norman

During the 18th after being attacked by a Great White Shark, Blane Hawkman refused to be hospitalized at a local hospital know as Silent Hill. Built in the 1800s, Silent Hill has a long history behind it and is famous for various hauntings. Blane was training his swimming for the upcoming Ironman Triathlon event when the shark took a bite out of him. After surviving the attack, he was rushed to Silent Hill but was unconscious until recently. When he gained back his conscious he asked than begged to be transferred to another hospital.

When we interviewed him about why he wanted to be transferred after the hospital had saved his life he replied "There is something strange in the air around this hospital. I feel very uneasy being here at this hospital. I cannot handle this strange feeling that just grabs your throat. Compared to the shark attack, this feeling here tears me up more than the jaws of the Great White. I want to move out." He was transferred to another nearby hospital after he was stabilized for travel.

The hospital refuses to give any comment to the media. We were able to find one of the staff, a cleaner who refuses to give her name, agreed to talk to us. She told us that the hospital had many strange incidents including this one. Patients would sometimes refuse to be warded and some would even run away at night. She had also experienced some supernatural forces while working at this mysteriously rumored hospital.

Lately, the hospital allowed a famous ghost investigation team',Sprit Caller' who tries to disprove hauntings and are made famous for solving many different cases, to try and catch and evidence of ghosts at the hospital. Many disbelievers are predicting that the hunt will come out empty but strong believers like Hawkman are sure the team will be chased out within an hour.

We will have to wait for the investigation team to start their mission but for now we can only guess what goes on behind the mysterious walls of this hospital. Life always will have mysteries for us to solve and this is one big mystery. We will wait and see for more evidence in the future and learn why patients asked to be moved from this hospital.

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