Thursday, January 27, 2011

News article by Imran

Strange incidents in silent hill hospital.

Strange incidents have been happening in silent hill. Patients with incurable diseases like cancer are suddenly living longer then their estimated life. Could this be a lead to a cure to all diseases?
For Jimmy Jones, it happened over a night. As the cancer patient laid on his bed, he felt a pain very unbearable in his abdomen. Thinking that it was going to be his last day, he said a prayer. The pain eventually overwhelmed him and he passed out. He however woke up a day later, completely free from the clutches of pain. 
A few other patients in the same ward said that they also felt the same thing. The first of the patients who felt this recovered two months ago. 
Scientist think that there is something in the environment around the patients help them recover. However, strong believers in god believe that the only explanation is that the land is blessed. The hospitals popularity also shot up and it is one of the most populated world wide. Pick your believe and this is the news by Imran Khan

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