Thursday, January 27, 2011

My News Report - Script (By Eunice)

26 January 2011
‘O’ Level Top Student Breaks Record
New school produces top student in Singapore history
By Eunice Loo

SINGAPORE - Roadways to the School of Science and Technology, Singapore was jam-packed with vehicles belonging to anxious parents - as well as media vans - this afternoon at 2pm.

The announcement of the results of the first batch of ‘O’ Level students from SST brought a surprise for the whole nation - one student there turned out to be the top scorer for the year, with a whopping number of 13 A1s. The result has beaten all the top students in Singapore’s history, with the highest score of 11 A1s that have been maintained by Buffalo Secondary for the past three years.

Suka Li, a locally-bred student, was surprised and shocked when she heard the news. Beads of happy tears rolled down her face as she received her certificate.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said, after composing herself and agreeing to be interviewed. “I never thought that I would be the school valedictorian, let alone be the top scorer in the nation.”

When asked about her ‘secret recipe’ to success, she simply said, “There is no such thing as a secret recipe that works for everyone. Everyone’s recipe would be vastly different. But what I do know is, if you want to find your ‘secret recipe’ to success, you must ask yourself, ‘Is this really what you want? How would you feel after you have achieved it? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve that success?’ If you can answer all these questions well, you should be able to do well in whatever you set out to do.”

Obviously for her, her ‘success’ was to become the record breaker of Singapore’s history of ‘O’ Level top students. She firstly thanked her teachers, parents and friends that pulled her through tough times in preparation for the major exam.

Also, she quoted some of her habits that played a main role of achieving her success: “Discipline. Lots of it. My timetable was packed with revision and homework plans, as well as CCA and CIP commitments, not to mention my piano and ballet lessons. All my plans were such that on some days, I had to survive on only 4.5h of sleep.”

“I want to pass down this legacy of excellence in whatever we do down to the next batches of students coming to SST, so as to raise up the reputation. I dream that eventually, the word ‘top student’ would be automatically linked to the name ‘SST’, and I would be proud to say that I was the school’s first valedictorian,” she said enthusiastically when asked about what her wishes were for the school.

More articles about the ‘O’ Level release would be published tomorrow.

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