Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apple's iPhone 5 Launch:Mission to Mars

This upcoming Friday,January 31st 2012.Apple is launching their new iPhone 5.Apple say that the new iPhone 5 will solved the current iphone 4 antenna problem.The new iphone 5 will include better screen resolution,better performance,loud speakers and USB 2.0 plugs for consumers to insert storage data,.(Like thumb drive to read and write)High battery life, and low recharging time to allow users to quickly charge their phones and use it for a longer period of time.The iPhone 5 can last for nearly 2 days without a single recharge which is a few times longer than normal touch screen phones.They will also have a new operating system and a new apple anti virus against unauthorized apple malware for the iPhone 5 currently selling at $299.99 USD .The new recharging cable for iPhone 5 will allow users to only take 1 hour to charge their phones.There would also be a new iPhone cooler fan up for launch,will help cool the iphone,it uses mainly solar energy to cool the phone and the USB2.0 plug is all it needs for the cooler fan to work which is only available in the current iPhone5.The iPhone will also use the iOS6,allows better performance for all apps,and better multitasking function,makes the coding easier for the producers and a new screen resolution to fit the current iPhone 5.

The price for iPhone 5 sold at the apple store will be sold at 300 USD for 8GB,500 USD for 16GB and 800USD for 32GB.Consumer,Bryan of United States said," I was glad that the new iPhone 5 will helps to manage my time efficiently and multitask with the antenna problem solved.I don't have to worry about the position in which i hold the phone currently known as the death grip." The new iPhone 5 also include the new 3d function which can be turned on or off, which is currently selling at iTunes App store for $109.99USD.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said," I believe iphone 5 will hit the previous high score of iPhone 4.We hoped that we could reach our expectations.Apple will also have a apple keynote presentation on 10th february.We also have a new mission to mars project which aims to help NASA scientist in programming by using the current apple iphone 5 operating system to operate the Mars Satellites.We hoped it would be a success."Apple iPhone 5 aims to target a larger group of audience of not just consumers but also business partners and scientist.

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